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  Hand lettering is a great way to share your ideas. Custom tailored lettering allows your message to break through the noise and have your story be heard.

I love combining creative expression with problem solving in order to produce unique & effective design solutions. I will help you communicate your story with a message that stands out and resonates with your audience.

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What others are saying

  • Dane's services have helped me build a unique business identity that positively stands out in an overly saturated market. I strongly recommend Dane's services to anyone that takes their business seriously.
    Alfred Rocha
  • One of the most professional people in the business. He kept me posted during the entire process and made sure that everything was precise and correct for my organization.
    Leo Gonzalez
  • You were extremely knowledgeable and responsive that I was quickly put at ease. It is a great service and differentiates you from others I have worked with.
    Tanya Snyder
  • Dane puts the client first and it shows in his work. Definitely an overall great designer, pleasure to work with, and gets the job done.
    Brian Lee

Hey, I'm Dane.

Dane Gonzalez Portrait

Hi, I'm Dane Gonzalez. I'm a hand-lettering artist and logo designer based in Sacramento, CA. I enjoy using lettering to help leaders and brands share the ideas they're passionate about. I also enjoy sharing the things I learn about within lettering, design, and creativity in my weekly blog posts.

I strive to empower individuals to be fully self-expressed in what they do. I want to help others be appreciated for their authentic personality and succeed in doing so. My goal is to elevate the uniqueness of these individuals and their ideas, as well as to give them the resources they need to succeed.

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